How To Build A Hemp House

My name is Paul Benhaim and I would like to welcome you to The Hemp Builder .com, a site dedicated to anyone interested in learning how to build a house of hem, hemp building or any hemp building.

Whether you are an owner-builder, beginner or professional builder looking for a new environmentally friendly building technique, there is plenty of information for you here.

Here at The Hemp Builder we want you share with you our NEW self-build or professional use technology that makes it affordable and easy to create your own hemp building or renovate your residential, commercial, urban or industrial project. If you are interested in a technique that can be council approved and that is proven to be stable in building a hemp house that last then I think you will enjoy reading the information on this site.

We can even teach you how to grow enough hemp (1 hectare) and harvest for your own use – without the need for expensive machinery. Hemp Building is:

  • Carbon Positive (better than carbon neutral)
  • Affordable (as cheap as pre-fabricated brick veneer, request our calculator for your exact cost)
  • Low Density (great thermal insulation properties)
  • Rodent Resistant (naturally termite proof unlike strawbale)
  • Fire Resistant (ideal for ‘bush fire’ prone areas)
  • High Flexural Strength (great for earthquake zones)
  • Allergy Free (no mould and breathable)
  • Sound Insulation (high sound absorption)
  • Render friendly
  • Recyclable (re-use again or use as fertilizer at end of life cycle is cradle to cradle)
  • Healthy Home (Building Biology friendly)
  • Valuable (green homes save running costs and help value of your home grow)
  • Environmentally Friendly (unlike other ‘green building materials’ that still produce greenhouse gas)

Click on the link for information on how to build a house of hemp, or find out more about our hemp building workshops.

And finally, we are now giving away our Hemp Costing Calculator – so you can work out if hemp really is an affordable and sustainable option for you. Please just join our mailing list on the right and ask us in the comment!

Oh, and as so many people ask, why is our hemp building material different from Tradical Hempcrete or hemcrete? We use the whole hemp stalk rather than processed or decorticated hemp. That means you can buy direct from the farmer, without the need to support a middleman or large processing facility. This is what makes our method so much more sustainable – no transport to and from a factory, and no building of a factory! You may use the whole hemp without separating the hemp fibre and hemp hurd. Learn more about what differentiates us with strawbale, rammed earth, brick veneer, and other prefabricated kit homes.

Thanks for choosing the most sustainable and affordable hemp building method available today. Build a house of hemp today!

Paul Benhaim

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